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Fish & Chip Frying Range JUMO Combistat Preston & Thomas

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  • 2m Capillary measuring system
  • Temperature controller
  • Steel housing
  • Suitable for panel-mounting
  • Size: ø 80 mm
  • Insertion depth 57 mm

Customer benefits

The desired value can be easily and time-savingly set at the front of the device.

No additional auxiliary energy is required for temperature measurement. For this reason, the microstat offers a decisive advantage.


For local temperature control and display

Brief description
The MICROSTAT-M is an electromechanical temperature controller with indication for universal
use. The instrument has a plastic housing and a liquid-filled or gas-filled measuring system.
The temperature-dependent change in volume of a liquid-filled measuring system, or the
temperature-dependent change in pressure of a gas-filled system, is converted by a Bourdon
tube into a rotary movement of the pointer, without any transmission gearing. The rotary
movement of the pointer spindle operates the microswitch through a lever system.