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55.13069.500 alt/replacement Thermostat 50-320 Deg C

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50-320 deg C Liquid expansion thermostat, 250Vac, 1500mm capillary, 3 x 130mm bulb.
20A relay switching capacity. 
Supplied with knob to suit.
Replacement thermostat, alternative for majority of manufactures.
They are used in applications for electric water heater,
washers, catering equipment, electric oven, and fryer, etc.
6mm shaft
28mm fixing centres

Suitable for the following appliances: Ariston A2011, A2011/1, A2011/1BR, A2011/1WH, A2011/2, A2011/2BR, A2011/2GR, A2011/2WH, A2011BR, A2011WH, A2012, A2012BR, A2012WH, A2013, A2013BR, A2013WH, A2014, A2014BR, A2014WH, A2211, A2211BR, A2211WH, BL04VE5UK, BL40VE5UK, FM21, FM24T, FM24TGB, FM272BRGB, FM272GB, FM272WHGB, FM373FBRGB, FM373FGB, FM373FWHGB, FM374GBRGB, FM374GGB, FM374GMRGB, FM374GWHGB, FM87FBK, FM87FWH, FM8FBWNUK, FM8FUK, FM8FWUK, FM8GUK, FS11, FS41, FV242DBRGB, FV242DGB, FV242DWHGB, FV271BKGB, FV271BRGB, FV271GB, FV271GNGB, FV271WHGB, FV34DGB(BK), FV34DGB(GN), FV34DGB(WH), FV37BKGB, FV37BRGB, FV37GB, FV37GNGB, FV37WHGB, FV4UK, FV8UK, G604M9.2GB, G605VGB, G640M9.2GB, I/FEVE9., I/FEVE9F, I/FEVE9FUK, I/FEVE9UK, I/FV4UK, I/FV7UK, I/FVE10, I/FVE9, I/FVE9(B), IC/AF, IC/AFO4P2, IC/F7, IC/FEVE9, IC/FEVE9F, IC/FV7, IC/FV8, IC/FVE10, IC/FVE10(B), IC/FVE7BR, IC/FVE7SC, IC/FVE7SCB, IC/FVE7WH, IC/L04VE10, IC/L04VE10B, IC/L04VE7, IC/L04VE7B, IC/L04VE7SC, IC/L04VE7SCB, IF/FM8FUK, IF/FV2, IF-F2, IV/FM8, IV/FM8GUK, KL04EVE12C, KL04EVEA(B), KL04EVESUK, KL04VE12GB, KL04VESUK, KL40EVE12CW, KL40EVEA, KL40EVEA(B), KL40EVESUK, KL40VE12GB, KL40VESUK, SFOA1B, SFOA1W, SFOA2, Indesit FE10(BR)GB, FE10GB, FE10K(BK)GB, FE10K(WH)GB, FIE10GB, FIM1RGB, FIM5UK, FIV1UK, FIV3UK, FM1(IX)GB, FM1GB, FM1RGB, FM20KIXGB, FV10KIXGB, FV1GB, FV1GBELTIMER, FV20K(BK)GB, FV20K(WH)GB, K600V(W)/G, K601V.CW/G, K601VW/G, K642RVS(X)/G, K642V(G)/G, K642VS(X)/G, K645RV.CX/G, K645RVG/G, K645RVX/G, K645V.CX/G, K645VX/G, K647RV.CX/G, K647RVX/G, KC3043BG/E, KC3043WG/E, KC3402WG/E, KC3402WG/E.1, KG3044BE/G, KG3044BE/G/1, KG3044WE/G, KG3044WE/G/1, KG3408WE/G, New World CKE13561BR, CKE13562WH, CKE13563BR, CKE13564WH